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Online bid Online bid $300 sale of news work permit men play00 sale of news work permit men play


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At night being the daughter of former boyfriend co

The site remains .In January 2nd, a new year joy has not yet dispersed ,Louboutin,Wang Xinji town three village was a tragedy enveloped .That day 23 when make ,louboutin pas cher,the village of over sixty couples ,who was a man of brutally murdered in the home, two per capita in more than 10 knife.
According to introduction ,the murderer was the old two son-in-law .Old two are in more than 10 knifeaccording to the introduction ,was killed the old two husband Hu Zhengqun this year 66 years old ,his wife of 65 years old.
According to the three tree village cadre Wang Dongsheng, he received a call from the police station ,he learned that Hu Zhengqun was killed, the first time he went to the hu . At that time, Westinghouse light ,black light east house ,outbuildings behind a door .
Wang Dongsheng opened the door to the outer room flashlight through picture ,see Hu Zhengqun and his wife lying on the ground ,covered with blood, floor ,wall and blood ,house emitting a strong smell of blood .
Wang Dongsheng said ,Hu Zhengqun is almost indistinguishable from the appearance of blood all over .In the east room ,the Hu Zhengqun 7 old granddaughterlying in bed ,in the face of Wang Dongsheng as hand electro-optic ,not to utter a single word ,the child may have scared .
Later, Wang Dongsheng learned that Hu Zhengqun from the police department ,seventeen $eight, and his wife was also cut eleven two knife .Wang Dongsheng says ,louboutin,louboutin,a few hours after the incident ,with Hu Zhengqun two daughter going away, Lee moved to Xinji city town Ni Jiazhuang call the alarm call to surrender .
With people walking blocked his machete according to Hu relatives say ,Li this year 40 years old,from Ningjin ,more than a year ago was introduced to Hu and is engaged to be married .
Hu son-in-law ,Hu two daughter is 37 years old ,had had an unhappy marriage ,a daughter of 7 years old .After the engagement ,Lee put Hu to Beijing .Last year at the end of 11, the two daughter and Hu children suddenly back ,Hu son-in-law ,Hu want children to go to school in Beijing ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,Li said that money ,for this, both sides naojiang ,ready to break up .
The woman brother Mr. Zhao said ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,Lee several times during the night to call Hu Zhengqun to thirty thousand yuan breakup fee ,and the evolution of hard to kill .As soon as possible in order to appease ,Hutuo matchmaker will 16000 yuan betrothal giftsreturned to Lee ,Lee Mouceng send old two 5000 yuan,also by Lee to return .
Subsequently, Li Mou did not contact them .Mr. Zhao said ,later, Hu two daughter told him ,on the evening of 2, Lee cross the wall into the family ,into the east room to Hu two daughter to go with him ,two people in the room noise alerted the Westinghouse sleep Hu Zhengqun couples .
Hu first came out, saw Lee with a knife to Lee .Hope don her daughter ,the result Moulian ,Li Hu 10knifecut .Hears the news out of Hu Zhengqun his wife ,also had to the Li Mou to go up personally surely ,Lee also gave her the number of knife .
Take the Hu ,Lee again in Hu who filled several knife .The little girl cried Dad escape Mr. Zhao said ,Lee killed the old two had entered the east house to kill Hu 7 year-oldgranddaughter ,girls see raise the knife Lee ,cried out Dad ,Lee Moucai let the little girl .
Subsequently, Lee took the knife to threaten Hu and he run away together .Before escaping ,Hu to the sister of a call ,tell her parents have been murdered ,told my sister to take care of their children .
After receiving the call ,Hu daughter immediately reported to the police ,and to call Mr. Zhao phone .It is understood ,Lee Mouchang time working in Beijing ,little and Hu Zhengqun families dealing with, to the Hu Zhengqun family impression ,very outgoing ,very talkative .
Two old men were very kind to him ,give him a home .Hu son-in-law .Three tree village several villagers told reporters ,Hu Zhengqun husband and wife is very kind ,never and neighbors quarrel .
A villager said ,Moulai Li village villagers encounter with little ,Louboutin Pas Cher,little,Louboutin Pas cher, he met once more ,not feel is devils . even killed two elderly .The suspect has been detained yesterday, the reporter contacted the South Xinji City Public Security Bureau police squadron learned wisdom Qiu ,Li Mou already in jail .
The squadron is known ,the case is not disclosed .The paper / reporter Ren Li Intern Zhu Dongxiao photography / Cui Huarui of our newspaper reporter of dispatch of our newspaper Xiangtan unemployed Zhao fake police fraud to win the trust of users ,,he will also place the election to Xiangtan city public security bureau .
The day before yesterday ,suspect Zhao ,in the District of Xiangtan city inside one Internet bar ,by the Xiangtan Municipal Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation police arrested two brigade .
February 11th afternoon 2 when much ,Xiao Mou Shaoshan young women come to Xiangtan City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment in the two group office ,ask is there a named Zhao male police .
Police on duty told her no such person ,Xiao Mou aware of their deception ,immediately to the police .A month ago, a network called of love middle-aged men and Xiao Mou for the users ,its claim to be the Xiangtan Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment of the police ,want to find a friend working chat .
Hand of love also through the mobile phone MMS ,his work permit according to Xiao mou .Look at the uniformed of love ,Xiao Mou even believe that the identity of each other .The morning of February 11th ,Zhao called Xiao Mou says ,Louboutin,in the process of investigation confiscated three laptop computer ,ready to each 1000 multivariatethe price .
Xiao Mou replied ,I need to buy a .That day afternoon 2 when much ,Xiao MOU with Cho instructions to the Public Security Bureau of Xiangtan City North Hospital ,on the two floor office building stairs to see him .
After two people meet ,Louboutin Pas Cher,Xiao MOU will be 1000 yuan in cash to zhao .Subsequently, Zhao said to finance room pay ,let Xiao Mou in place waiting for him .Xiao Mou feels something is wrong ,then they rush running down ,but has long since disappeared .
Xiao Mou immediately phoned Cho mobile phone ,also has shut down .The morning of February 14th ,police in Xiangtan city an Internet cafe in Zhongshan Road ,Zhao mou .At age 37, Zhao rain lake ,unemployed ,in urban management team as a temporary workers .
Zhao Mou is explained, he spent 50 yuan of money in Changsha produced a half inch police photos ,through illegal channels bought fake police officer certificate ,badges and uniforms .
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Man after 5 years has killed 2 people driving unli

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Mother to daughter for adoption couple claims 7000

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Man with a butcher knife into the campus of Middle

At noon on November 28th, a man carrying two butcher knives, broke into the Chongzuo Municipal District Taiping town middle school, the desk and chair at.School security and teacher to take decisive measures, timely control the situation, students to avoid hurt.
Local police arrived, the man in uniform.Taiping Town Middle School Security Mr. Ma said, at noon on the same day at twelve thirty, he and the other a security guard on duty.Since it is the weekend, the school gate is unlocked, and unlocked.
Suddenly, a butcher knife with two men trying to open the iron gate into the campus, they are scared.The man with a knife slash the school gate, but see the security presence and scruples.Mr Ma wants to step forward and closed the gate, men see that and a slash,Louboutin Pas Cher, hurt his hand.
The horse quickly picked up the defense fork will man up, but the men hold a knife to his head to swing.In Mr. Ma went back to the room to take the key to the door is locked, knife-wielding man rushed into the campus.
At that time the school there are many students on the playground playing, Mr. Ma realized the situation,louboutin, immediately rushed to the playground, the student dormitory to get near.His security guards also open to students to immediately return to the dormitory broadcast, lock the doors and windows.
Living in the school opposite Ms. Xie witnessed this scene be struck with fright.She said, when the situation is very critical, men in the place of his hacking, see student to student run.The young teacher with a fork, do not let the man with a knife near to students.
Later the man ran into the classroom, hackle desks and chairs.Fortunately, the police arrive, the men in uniform.Ms. Xie said,Louboutin Pas cher, after people saw the man in the street grabbed two knives, thought that the school looking for is not found, somehow soared to initiate.
This man was brought to the District Public Security Bureau Taiping police station, while to oneself, while singing a song,Louboutin Pas cher, like with any mental stimulation.A police told reporters, police station is on the man to make further investigation.
The newspaper news (reporter Guo Sheng) old school Gongchen morning nobody's machine, repeated thefts Peking University Health Science Center campus traffic facilities and other possessions, were captured before the crime 8.
Recently, the Haidian court sentenced with larceny by defendant Zhang Xiushan to 1 years imprisonment, fined 1000 yuan.63 year old Zhang Xiushan of the accused person has Peking University Health Science Center janitor, and after the dissolution of the labor contract.
After separation, the defendant Zhang Xiushan in 2010 of March to June, at the Haidian District campus of Peking University Health Science Center,louboutin, while Night Nobody's machine, multiple times for school transportation facilities for theft, theft of the value of a total of more than 4500 yuan.
Reportedly, the defendant Zhang Xiushan, 4 in the morning 5 when make crime, stolen property for the use of outdoor traffic facilities, including traffic signs, isolation pile, deceleration zone of cast iron.
After the court that the defendant,Louboutin, Zhang Xiushan repeatedly stealing large amount of public or private property,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,, its behavior already constituted larceny.In view of the fact that the defendant Zhang Xiushan after being captured, the confession of the most criminal facts,Louboutin Pas Cher,louboutin pas cher, and some stolen goods have been returned, the confession, repentance good attitude,Louboutin, its law to punish leniently.
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Private detective synthesis using photo extortion arrest 4 suspe

Hefeievening news on July 24th, the Anqing Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment destroy a specialized use of synthetic pornographic pictures of blackmail the government enterprises leading underground private detective ,4 Hunan nationalitysuspects were arrested ,police also seized a large number of criminal tool .
The morning of July 22nd ,the Swat based on clues ,decisive take arrests ,in downtown Anqing, a 206 room hotel,on the spot will live in the room the 4 menhold ,in their carry-on bag ,found a large number of sealed with pornographic photos and threatening letter envelope ,and color printer ,notebook computer and other tools .
They are threatening letter claiming that a private detective agency ,has mastered the victim of sex services or adulterous information ,Louboutin Pas Cher,at the same time by threatening language threatening victims: a must in time in accordance with their bank account remittance ,otherwise the consequence is proud .
After review ,4 menwere in Hunan Province, Shuangfeng County ,were employed in the provinces of a man .4 people also explained ,the so-called photo is not his ,but they find online victim photos, using the so-called PS production technology after the late synthesis of man-made .
Police seized 230 more letters ofblackmail letter ,address in each city in Anhui Province ,the per capita for provincial government and business unit leader .At present, the 4 suspects have been detained in accordance with the law ,the case is in farther cognizance .
( Cai Hongxiong Yu Huiping Fang Weidong ) welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended micro-blog hot today ( Editor: SN044 )suspects on trial .Police recovered the stolen money .
Go to the supermarket to punch the card consumption ,beware of your bank card being stared at .Recently, the suspect Dong XX was Ji detachment first battalion captured .Dong x with false identity for a supermarket cashier ,also through the network to buy bank card information acquisition system ,bank card ,bank card tools such as blank ,while the customer to punch the card consumption, steal customer bank card information ,steal customer bank card password ,and then copy the bank card fraud ,the purchase of luxury goods such as gold bullion .
The bank card is in him ,money is no in May 31st of this year, Ji Bureau Detectation detachment, a brigade received a bank to report ,in May, many customers clearly bank card is in him ,which money is spent ;that is to say ,the client holds to be rather baffling stolen bank card brush ,and all in the field .
Due to a case of suspected outbreak ,bank customer information collective leaked is credit card used to clone .On the police investigation period, have much home bank alarm .A study by the detectation Detachment Battalion to love ,in June 6th on the number of cases on file for investigation ,and case series ,set up a 606projectteam .
The police task force after careful investigation discovery ,victimized citizens have a large supermarket in the district to punch the card consumption experience .The police immediately and the supermarket and loss prevention departments ,started to store cashier POS machine usage traces a row .
The police according to the victim testimony and the record certificate ,eventually locked all of the stolen bank card in a brush are called sun cashier duty period value of POS machine to punch the card consumption .
The police found ,sun in May 3, 2011 to thestores, monthly wages not settle accounts, without resigning in May 13th ,acting very suspicious ,but when recruiting only retained the personal information through detailed comparison is a fake identity .
Bank card information to steal ,steal the password sun cannot be determined, the police task force according to the clue of sun ,registered in the temporary North Park Avenue, a residential area around the bank outlets ,cafes ,restaurants ,the people around to visit ,to obtain a sun information .
In June 16th 11 when make,in the district within a residential ,the pseudonym sun suspects Dong XX capture in one fell swoop .Originally, Dong XX in 2011 Marchthrough the network to buy the bank card ,bank card information collector ,a pinhole camera ,blank bank card ,such as fake identification tools ,long premeditated opportunistic crime .
Dong XX in downtown Ji to check was observed, the choice of location requires both every day a lot of people to punch the card consumption ,need management neglect of cashier personnel supervision .
Dong so the karaoke rooms ,nightclubs ,hotels and other businessmen were screened ,eventually found a large supermarket checkout cashier is to operate alone,louboutin, can contact POS machine ,and the person flow is large ,the environment is noisy ,recording information ,peeping cipher is not easy to find ,very much in line with the requirements .
So ,certain candidates to Dong District,Louboutin Pas cher, a large supermarket cashier work ,came 12 days on May 6th ,in the customer to punch the card consumption,Louboutin, secretly using bank card information collector stolen customer bank card magnetic strip information more than 150, to 11in theeconomic field and the issuing bank ;at the same time, he peeks and record customer bank card password .
Fake bank card brush card ,stealing money stolen customer bank card information and steal passwords ,Dong XX using blank information bank cards and blank information card ,operation to buy bank card cloning device to erase the original magnetic information to the new information ,by means of this, forge 37 bank cards.
The police arrested the Dongmou sometime, he has been using a forged 11 bankcard brush card stolen customer funds ,successively in Tai ,Shijiazhuang and other places to buy gold bars ,high-end luxury and extraction of total cash value more than 46 yuan .
Police also pay by Dong so stolen bank cards brush to buy gold 1300 grams,foreign currency ,the yuan ,notebook computer and other stolen goods ,total value of 45 yuan,while the search for committing forgery 26 bank cardsbank cards and steal information and makes the bank card equipment a .
Dong a suspicion of credit card fraud has been Ji of criminal detention .The use of bank cards ,care should be taken to prevent the through the solving of the case ,police remind from four aspects of attention .
One unit ,business recruitment accountants ,cashier personnel ,the applicant identity information ,prevent the unidentified people into working team .Two major shopping malls ,supermarket cashier department shall establish complete ,strict management system ,always investigation and criminal risks ,to counter POS machines and other settlement terminal equipment to conduct a comprehensive inventory ,periodic inspection ,prevent the criminals in the machine by an external device stolen customer information .
At the same time ,as the POS password input keyboard settings, security measures ,the cashier post to remind customers to pay attention to the apparent position of the bank card safe use tips .
Three of the magnetic card reading and writing ,production and other related equipment production and sales enterprises to conduct strict supervision, for each sold the equipment should be filed for reference ,the missing ,don let this kind of professional equipment in order to enter the society, be criminals use become violate privacy ,destroy the masses economy benefit .
Four is the bank card to enhance the security awareness,louboutin pas cher, especially in complex environment place personnel ,be careful to use the credit card, bank card password do not use the repeating digits or setting is too simple ,it is best replaced periodically code .
Open message service ,the first time that the bank card fund changes .Set up the bank card consumption daily limit the number of times and each transaction limits the amount ,will be to minimize the losses .
In the use of POS or ATM equipment ,such as equipment not set keyboard password security measures ,using hand to cover the input password ,prevent password peeping or camera ,as long as the password will not be criminals control ,even if the information is stolen bank card ,the card money or security .

The driver of the black car resistance to law enfo

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The two brothers were detained after more than a year was acquitted (Figure) tra

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Women spend 100000 yuan to buy counterfeit money to get a bunch of white members

Cheating in college entrance examination 6 Gang send the answers were arrested t

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